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It frequently exists on both sides of the thorax. Its symptoms

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risk of getting the stomach in a condition in which neither food

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infrequency of tuberculosis in range cattle is due to the condi

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cent solution of nitrate of silver. His conclusions are

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mogeneous fibrous mass. More or less deep pigmentation

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owing to its position in Egypt. It is as we conceive

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grees of the body temperature so that a patient may

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Secondary Lesions. Other organs are aflfected by the con

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Dilatation and valvular incompetency are more serious results

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the bone was occupied by a thick greenish and offensive pus

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is used to bring the tonsil into a healthy condition

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purulent fluid. The trouble began with a sticking pain

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seem to appreciate fully the benefits to be derived from

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de Rothschild of Paris write in this connection in the second vol

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with no trace of feculent or indeed of any solid matter great

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treatment the lung acting as an excretory channel for

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is as follows Stain for twenty four hours with very

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assertion. When a fatty or a fleshy tumor arises on any part

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more probable It may likewise be inherited like scrofula.

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do not extend their operations to the other toes of

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this establishment we believe there is no English hospital for

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third or half an inch in diameter and they have gen

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the cervical tracheobronchial and mesenteric glands

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tions of CCX the strain is unfavorably affected by. but still retains

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a large part of adductor brevis. All these muscular attachments

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reader that there should be given the following brief ex

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loudly spoken against the views that had hitherto prevailed