state of moist gangrene; rapid inflamuialion followed
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over the right tibia. The skin remains soft and is not discolored.
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the foUowiug aotice, takea from one of the daily prints, will naturally ex-
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and other diseases, are due to diapedesis of red blood corpuscles
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The Therapeutics of Gynecology and Obstetrics, comprising
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ant for the patient. The diagnosis of hypothermia will be
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gall-bladder, as I had suspected, was reduced to the size of this stone.
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Trustees as a potential for being considered fee splitting.
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Dr. Prout withdrew his motion, and with it the amendment.
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four cases of fracture of the lower end of the radius which were
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insolubility in water, and other peculiarities, seem
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in June. Drs. Casselbury, of Chicago, Packard, of Philadelphia,
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From the classified summary of the causes of admissions,
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Edinburgh Journal, No. XXL; in which, I am greatly mistaken
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measure rescued from the obscurity in which it was formerly
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ments presented the appearance of small cysts rather than tubules, and
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2207. Broussais declares the "remote causes of spontaneous
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It is interesting to listen to the breathing of a patient under a
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pulse, pain in the epigastrium, with nausea and vomiting, and
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it is given ofl* from the bodies of relapsing-fever patients so as to affect
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vitro and in vivo. It is of great interest and importance that the hsemolytic
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area. Operation should be performed as soon as localiza-
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enunciated by Courvoisier. This was a most valuable differ-
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coronary arteries is frequently found, without much evidence of the condi-
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obtains, before which he sinks or rises until his proper level has
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impervious after death. But was the coagulabie lymph ever
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present shape it constitutes a most attractive little volume.
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result was obtained after thirty sittings it was useless to con-
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or less pronounced, occurring irregularly, and followed by profuse sweat-
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to 3 16. It is to be remembered that the age at which
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the prevalence of a cold, stormy, bleak state of the atmosphere, und
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rial character in which every colony and dependency would have
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exercises of reading and recitation for a certain number of hours daily ; for the
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changes which have the twofold distinction of being always pres-
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more than four ounces of blood were obtained. The upper extremities
verapamil in migraine prophylaxis--a five-year review
' The greater number of cases are taken from the following authorities : — Dr.
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The affection Dr. t G. presumed to be encephaloid —
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granular mononuclears, 3 per cent. ; polynuclears, 5 per cent. Under
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trust the patient's life to the serum alone. However,
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is broken, he recommends and figures a simple instrument, being
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in teething ; and excitement of the brain, as by fright, are about
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(8) The investigation at Aldershot gave similar results to those obtained at the
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is scanty and high colored; the intelligence remains unaffected; the hebetude
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all "wheat," and the more they had the richer they felt. The
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brown, leaving when rubbed upon white paper much the same
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The treatment adopted in this case was very simple. In the first
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by inoculation. Man is not very susceptible to the disease, but it
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in the cranium as responsible for some of the failures. As to brain
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