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which being bound up, is supported best by a scarf, the full breadth of which is
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terruptedly to recovery, which was complete in two months
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fler reports 71 patients treated in private practice by
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Strings too tight you will snap them alt 'gether — (hear, hear)
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water should be injected into the rectum each time before the
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my patient would die from exhaustion if not soon delivered,
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Morphol. Alb., Jena, 189.5, v, 1-16, 1 pi.— Welcker (H.)
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to do good. I agree with the Doctor throughout his paper in
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gluten, gruel, mush, or biscuits with nut ducts bvSinkler, Hartzel and Pearce, all of
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be replaced when torn or dirty at a small cost. But after all a child prizes
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auscultation did not seem to yield mucli result. In the slight
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" Our establishment is now the largest of the kind in the United
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to dimish all the secretions, and thus keep up the disease.
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tions of tlie skin, kidneys, and bowels. If there is
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the separation of cantharidine from the tincture or from an alcoholic or
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the poultice. While such applications of heat to a painful and swollen
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previously an extra Licentiate of the College, was also
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antiseptic powder being then thickly applied, such as :
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whose chief fault seems to have been a periodical craving for drink, has remained
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acute, usually followed by a rapidly progressive terminal course. Adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma is
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the plant sec, however, Endlicher and IMartius's "Flora Brazilieiisis," fascic. xiv, i)art I.
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1899 a. — Beitrag zur Kenntniss der Blutparasiten, speciell der Rattentrypano-
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were thicker, and occasionally apparently tubular. He regards
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the portal vein, the sugar is no longer eliminated by the kidneys, but passes
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thought that these secondary growths were of a true metastatic nature, but
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Bigelovv used to come into the operating-theatre of the
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house slops. Then they will likely be quiet until the next feed hour and are not
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as when she came to me before. The large intestine was apparently
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^ very rapid course. Children under two years are most liable to attack.
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inferiorly. The vocal resonance is also unusually loud, but equal on both sides.
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and vomiting of blood are by no means constant symp-
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spermatic duct, testes, epididymis, brain, pulmonary
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