of loose bodies in joints. In the treatment of cirsoid aneurism we
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a number of inaccuracies in the descriptions of compounds which
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sent. If now the offeudintj cause is removed Ijcfore
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ooagulum later it appears lighter colored or from admixture of pig
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cases of glanders. This may or may not be true. But
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Tlie direct injection of the toxin into the brain of an
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I think particularly in view of what your splendid presiding officer
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tical botany since the eye and hand trained to dissect and distin
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and himself Professor of Materia Medica in the University of
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suffices to guard the young mind from the influence
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have a tendenc to local recurrence after removal third formation of
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I have been impressed however by the fact that several of those
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liver spleen and kidneys seemed to be normal. He had
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that there is now before Parliament a bill providing
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water to wash out the stomach. Keep the patient warm in bed and
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the milk so many attempts at modification would not be
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ments. As a consultant he was much sought after and
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Case XLY. Aged thirty eight married five children labours easy
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cess of coloration however is materially modified towards
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sence of fermentation colon bacilli are absent and that fermentation
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be inquired upon what grounds Dr. W. should be subject
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any further description of the forceps as the construc
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on at the Queen s Hospital Birmingham and it bears out the opinions
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in syphilis one would naturally in led to conclude even
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next divided and the posterior surface of the cricoid partly
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attended an operation decided after some consideration in
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condition caused by a Meckel s diverticulum are very few and far
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be presented of a tetanized heart although perhaps in
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example milk is first saturated with sodium chloride
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ending in prostration. Such is a very condensed account of the
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Hypertension. A. Mougeot points out that in the ab
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the temperature taken immediately after the operation
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