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It is important to exclude a possible trichinosis. In this regard we must
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Elizabeth (Browne) Post, and was born in New York, Jan-
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the big fissure of the wall perpendicular to the track of
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55-56 he was Lecturer on Diseases of Women in the New York Uni-
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attended Boston Latin School, Class of 1872 ; Massachusetts Institute
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determine the general diagnosis, but they allow us also to
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toms of frequent occurrence in pathogeneses, and frequently
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County of New York, and other societies. His attention
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IVr (. Wjii ivm !I Pan..u-(, iliL- i'rc-sident of the
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language, being demanded at intervals of less than two years.
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intestine, merits the undivided attention of surgeons,
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report upon them, setting forth the methods of application and the
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fessor Letamendi are quoted in " El Dictatum" of May 10,
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which he is a member of the executive committee. Dr. Koplik holds
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Mount Sinai Hospital, where he remained for two years. In the
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portion of his spine, he will complain of pain at this point as of
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and also of the materials carried by the stretcher-bearers
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these conditions at the present time ? To obtain them it is
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ward occupied many chairs in medical colleges. In 1886 he was ap-
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was married to Luella May Berry, a daughter of William Everett and
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the Board of Trustees of the Pennsylvania State Lunatic
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he purchased a trotting-horse, paying a fabulous price. Two
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mus ; appetite good ; menses regular ; temperature normal ;
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His academic education was obtained chiefly at the Royal School,
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certainly be shown to be any better, short of a twenty-years' test
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"Palliative Operations for Fibroid Tumors," "Vaginal
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these extreme cases the nucleus is represented by a frag-
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Of all the open lesions, grooves are the less serious when
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He received his classical education in the public schools of his
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needs, not food, but drink. The recommendations of some writers, that
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W. A. Haupt, Chemnitz, Prussia. E. S. Bailey, Chicago, 111.
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flow, in advanced phthisis, sufficiently proves this. That the
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side, friction sounds, during inspiration and expiration, noticeable
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that numerous class of people who, while in health are self-