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that necessary in hysterical cases. The neurasthenic requires sympathy. As
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and then suddenly burst into a ventricle. In such cases a correct diagnosis
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Optional — Greek; Frencb; German; Natural Pbilosopby, including
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creased amounts of food and drink (see the chapter on Cardiac Hypertrophy),
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variably, it is noticed that in walking the body sways principally in one
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the privilege of attending the hospital practice. Resident pupils are
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Gatididateff rnnst be twentj-one years of age. They mnst have
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pressure upon the pons and medulla, and thus special clinical symptoms may
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reflex also. On the paralyzed side we can touch the eyeball with the finger or
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which accommodates not fewer than eighty patients, and possesses a^
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recognised by the General Medical Council, into the curriculum of
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Great Britain or Ireland; and for similar Veterinary appointments in
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(6) Veasts; Yeasts are simitar to. bacteria fn structure and rr^thods of
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Treatment. — In regard to treatment we must refer entirely to what has
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attendance on the usual lectures, &c. The fee is £5. The subjects are :
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and other diseases which do present an anatomical lesion ; but such attacks
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Tumors and syphilitic affections especially, and more rarely central gliosis,
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and those of the summer quart»«. The winter course comprises
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result of certain anatomical changes secondary to the new growth. Not in-
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After the termination of each examination in the practical as weE as
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of study at the College he will be allowed to present himself for
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tion' in primary diseases of the cord and the vertebrae. Thus, for example, in
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Marcus, Bernard, a, w, sp, Mount Vernon, N.Y. A.B. (Cornell U.) '36.
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that in most cases of tabes the previous syphilis has not had a great intensity.
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times very gradual, but in other cases very rapid and sudden. "We have re-
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which, of course, differs in extent at different levels. In other much rarer
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gives us a large amount of valuable information in regard to diagnosis and
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served or be serving the office of clinical clerk. The scholarship is
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less than ten years, either in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, shows that he holds," &o. Now the
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region of the sensory fibers in part coincides in its localization with the motor
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