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definite portions of hepatic substance ; and consisting of irregular inter-
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be correct in supposing that conditions such as alopecia areata
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destruction of hip-joints and the hopelessness of restoring
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perly enough it has been made the subject of study and observation by
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(E.) (Si ITIcyer (E.) Nouveau fait relatif aux echaugesen-
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tions, feemed v/ell calculated to relieve pra£litioners from thofe
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tigations were not nearly completed, and would probably
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this swelling has no connexion with the ! nearly subsided. The disparitj' between
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fact that they had also once called infantile paralysis and hay-
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lar mass, and a subsequent dissemination of these pro-
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vitamin K, and oxygen; and while the transfusion was
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n6c.,' Par., 1894, x, 226-229.— Pcarce (F. S.) The protean
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a large amount of work has been done upon it. Up to within the past few
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flooded with the wonders of the not less dangerous and equally
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The nose is the most prominent part of the face and
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adhere to the surface of the cast or are incorporated
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Tiedemann and Gmelin, by whom this subject has been examined
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it. One pleural cavity contained a good' deal of fluid. The kidneys
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The poisonous effects of patent or quack abortive remedies
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after receiving a branch from the fourth, goes, as the lumbosacral cord,
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compressed, airless, fibroid and bronchiectatic lung.
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2 Chaslin : Annales Medico-psychologiques, Paris, 1892, p. 225. Cited in La Semaine Medi-
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A very slow vesicle on the eighth day should be tested
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an occupational health nurse is closely matched by the func-
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to gain, without help from others, the etymology of the Greek
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used in this wound, will prove of the greatest value,
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The meeting for 1898 was fixed for Oct. 18, 19, and 20.
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And since a 12-year study shows that being 40% or more overweight puts you at
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Biological Sciences supplied by Professor Owen and Mr.
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mit suitable food to become in reality a foreign body. The
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is rarely well borne, or taken in sufficient quantity. Eum or brandy
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the expenditure of coal may thus be made as economical under assisted draft
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Si/nouyms. — Pityriasis maculata et circinata; lierpes tonsurans
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26.— ITIastin (C. H.) Maternal impressions and their in-
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are in some cases perhaps the result of this process of irritation. The
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the belief that they were the source of hemorrhage. In others, with
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again, though to little purpose ; the difficulty of