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Lathyrism. Lathyrism according to Sheube is a disease with a spastic

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A. Combination with partial persistence of the truncus arteriosus communis.

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by a course on Angiology and Neurology and conclude

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of the body the lungs have a connective tissue frame

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cataract became visible and showed itself much thicker than would

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necessary to use considerable force. In gentle percussion it is

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latter muscle alone is lost the active tibialis anticus inverts and adducts the

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acknowledge that it has nobly verified the prophecy

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We find also retroversions of the uterus of gradual development in girls or

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Dr. James Wilson who is Lecturer on Hygiene and Public Health at

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nerves in observations made on lower animals. Section of the splanchnic

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The bony prominences of injured joints located in the

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After quite a lengthy discussion the report of the Committee was

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both maxillae initial repair at overseas general hospital. B. Appearance of patient

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powers of the patient. For three weeks our efforts to afford

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of Yellow Fever but it may be remarked that even if they were

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naso pharyngeal inflammation occurring during scarlet fever or

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science can suggest for the protection of the health

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fallacious as an index of the fitness of the air for breath

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figured in the diagram we employ one that is extensible and takes the

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from il lateral attachment and the anterior extremity of

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Water from the wells of Boston formerly used by the inhabitants

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been retrosternal or referred to limited areas below the inferior costal

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and is influenced by the presence of other articles in the stove capable

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mated that it would be agreeable to receive it. At the same

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and doubt the possibility of its success not only that it can be

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fractured as described by the medical examiner it is

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depression. The respiration is always accelerated the skin is

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evidently given for the purpose of creating laughter

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placing the arm in front of the chest so far as to have