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case in which the heart beats persisted ten hours after respiration had
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The process then involves two steps. First step The patient by an
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two or three years while many cases live but a few months.
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peared one or two of the streptococcus cases until March when
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from intestinal perforation without an exploratory incision.
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were without provision or help and Henry proposed granting
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ness which later investigation has taught us is produc
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power of vaccination was firmly impressed on Jenner s mind. The problem
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treatment of inflammation of the urinary bladder he
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shape which is cultivated and cooked like the potato
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you rub mercurial ointment over the liver to remove hepatic
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ally recognized. My attention was particularly called to
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he fell into a tranquil sleep in which he is at present.
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the body in spite of the mechanical hindrances to respiration
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Medical Society in opposition to the wishes of his friends
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amount of electricity is used the heat may be applied
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The diphtheritic affections of the throat seem to have