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tion of hypertrophy or fibroid degenerescence of the
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Physical Examination and Diagnostic Anatomy. By Charles B. Slade
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so that the leading philanthropists and temperance men
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forms of treatment and might be regarded as an advance
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ragged masses very like the granules of tapioca or bits of candied
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he described a new species of trephine. The fourth was on in
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ways being impinged against the transverse processes of the vertebrae or
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of Nichols of Glasgow Twice already in print Dr. Alex
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transplanted tendon and the lowermost muscle fibres. In
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practice. Putting the heel over the shoulder of the operator and raising the
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Thymol in the same dosage is open to the same objections.
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then a number of times dip it in the hot water leaving the
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clear and of a yellowish brown color looking like the clear
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living creatures which becomes more marked whenever from any
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peculiarity is superadded. Common inflammation is the groundwork
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pain of a fixed character in the epigastrium generally
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other mineral ingredients which the waters of Bath contain
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be taught to blow its nose. If it has not been or cannot
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abortion. The oil which naturally contains a large propor
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sider ourselves more incapable of mistakes than others only
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more or less inagglutinable exhibit reduced absorptive capaci
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the first decade of its existence annual meetings were held
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vascular suture technique he proceeds to discuss some
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Department is responsible for the respiratory therapy and physio
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had aided in the diagnosis and treatment of pyelitis
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of the cord did not present any marked exudate or other naked
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General blood letting is never required in pericarditis as such. Its
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appliances including those used in the diagnosis as well
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stage is of short duration and caseation soon supervenes the medulla then
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prevalence of Croup. In most diseases of the respiratory organs the
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liarities of the serum employed but to reduced clumping
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that there may be concealed in the liver still other inflammatory
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