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charge from the hospital. The majority were children

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9. Tonnis, W.: Anzeigestellung zur Arteriographie und Ven-

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clinical level" --with P.odes Trautman, we --^ere doing

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venient mode of expression, and is sanctioned by usage.

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figures. It is an ailmimble one for so ideal physician.

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five or six feet above the level of the river. The 44th, which suf-

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proportion from year to year differed to such an extent that no conclusion

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There was no nausea or vertigo. His hearing remained as before. A

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when the whole bony framework is in a state of unwonted

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cavity. If during ursemic dyspnoea the urine is much below the normal

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ing a large opening through both. Firm and extensive adhe-

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and voltage. This, on the whole, was rather fortunate,

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Varolii ; the .symptoms of which arc to be studied in the chapter on the

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— — . inflammation of the saphonic vein; pneumonia;

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the salivary glands, the liver and pancreas may all be influenced.

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Suppose a healthy person were suddenly to engage in unaccus-

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fully discussed. In order to prevent repetition, these will not be fully con-

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she was apparently well until digestive disturbance set in about a year before

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ten thousand, difficulty of breathing, weakness and

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and daughter Mary Patricia ; also by two sisters and one

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Dr. Homer Gibney, for bringing together this array of speakers.

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( Wien. klin. Woehensch., Vol. XI, page 611), on 11 cases of anaemia,

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dwindled ; and, with its cessation, the rheumatic par-


thousand a year to each of the male population ; but nat-

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of Dr Barclay's propositions are very neat and satisfactory ; but

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one case, the Bacillus lactis aerogenes ; in one case, the

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We would not be hypercritical, but we would urge that the author's descrip-