showing the combination of chorea with pregnancy ; one, the case of a young
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ertions, who had a deficiency of the lower half of the sternum and carti-
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terized by a proliferation of the heart's connective tissue framework,
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from fear inspired by an unsympathetic teacher, princi-
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do not wish to be made aware, that the antiseptic era of
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notice of. In addition to other interests, this inquiry might have
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person may fail to institute the normal reflex vasomotor
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4 cases, 1 of traumatic pneumonia, 1 of traumatic phthisis, and 2 of concussion
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that they must, if substantiated, tend in some degree to modify
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places inland.^ Thousands upon thousands of the inhabitants of
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beats” and atypical chest pain. The chest pain is
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with happy results. It may be said that most persons.
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meter affords vaJuable aid, and the elevation of temperature in
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nated at the adult age, more took the disease than where the vaccination had
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kind of food at a meal, such as milk or green vegetables,
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strabismus existed. Thjere was complete paralysis of the sphincters
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he continued to improve, and was discharged, cured, June 30, 1841.
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a direct or proximate cause of albuminuria. We are agreed
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had syphilis, and said that she did not remember ever to have been
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Neue. Zeitschrift. Band viii. S. 384. It is reported by Oesterlen. The
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it IS obvious that the fewer the corpuscles the more transparent will
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by Desormeaux, Did. de Med. 1st ed. vol xv, for which he does not make pro-
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