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of this subject. Dr. W. T. Corlett, of Cleveland, and

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As just stated, causes of disease may be themselves effects of disease, so

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partial extirpation of the gland, in order to produce

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a common arrow-poison, l^ut not nearly so deadly as 'that of

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at the little village of Somerby, in the county of Leicester. The

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It is not, of course, expected that a physician will personally make

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Had better be filtered and boiled ere you drink it,

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775 ; xviii, 775. Philadelphia : Lea Bros. & Co., 1892.

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For example, after the" storming of Ghiznee, Mr. Hunter

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then treated actively, suitably, and with due conservatism,

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cases in which the operation was undertaken for the removal of diseased

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Amebic Dvsintery — Its M. Northington, M. D., Ahctrartc

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that in consequence the extirpation is rendered so much the more pro-

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no doubt, since Dr. Manson has submitted the above sketch as

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distinct blood poison, is not necessary^ for the explanation of the phenomena, and is not

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neck, chest, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, insteps,