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This jugular pulse curve, as it is called, is produced mainly by the

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last proposition embodied in the opening paragraph of this essay. I

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There are probably one-third more sold by various farmers who cure them in a

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Ritz-Carlton Hotel, San Francisco. Wed-Thurs. 14 hrs. $295. Contact:

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arranged in groups, or evenl)- distributed through the organ affected;

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the extent of the pneumonia resulting from them. In case of

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seemed logical to us that we should attempt to transplant the organ

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This case is one of much interest, chiefly as showing the apparent

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and only in minimal quantities of from three to six

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the iodide. The patients finally died, however, and

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author is to be congratulated on the extent to Avhich he has been able

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If symptoms of appendicitis occur in a patient, in whom there

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or later develop ; (5) in the extreme cases in which recovery ensues,

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the motion which occurs at each inspiration, the thorax becomes

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subject of myelitis. He considers that the subject of myelitis is,

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acterized by herpetiformity. Many cases that in every

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choroiditis disseminata, and with coexisting gummata or vascular disease,

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in the least, interfere with the movement of the arm.

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psychiatry and who are judged qualified by the fac-

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is repulsive to the patient. It has been used and prescribed

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C. F. Hoover has been appointed' on the Clinical Consulting Staflf,

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to the eye will draw the inflammation out. The liquid,

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were the only medical men, before Hunter, entombed within its pre-

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inicroscope. There was no ulceration found anywhere. The

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advised him is also now a confirmed drunkard ; but in

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pitiful cases are seen almost daily by medical men. Oftentimes

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Dr. Castle, in closing the discussion, said he intended to be

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Having introduced the subject of congenital hernia, I will

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duce its subscription to mere gratuity. The advance now

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redistribution is felt to represent ischemia superimposed