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Ihomas J. J. two additional cases of diphtheria of the

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is said to have cured Hay fever or Rose cold and even

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Diabetes Mellitus after Extirpation of the Pancreas. Min

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of abortion but are not always recognizable. The uterus of

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the prescribed measures of disinfection should be enforced.

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Mackenzie Scott and two Surgeons each named Robert Scott.

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symptoms of renal calculus were simulated. Hematemesis occurs only

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guard against labelling as tubercular every case of acute arthritis in

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The Wars of Religion opened in with a massacre of the Protestants at

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insect bites the poison in such cases is usually acid hence

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nationally and offers through its monthly Journal and annual meetings invaluable post graduate

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But the question most pertinent and most important is what shall

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showed normal heart sounds. In two or three instances fetal endocarditis has

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upon speeial subjects of medical or surgical interest.

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its duties and responsibilities and the proper and special qualifications

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